Sunday, July 26, 2009

"30 Salad's In 30 Days" and More

This Wednesday will wrap up the current "30 Salad's in 30 Days". I hope you have enjoyed it and, hopefully, not been too bored with it. How many readers did I lose over this series? I've appreciated the feedback that a handful of you shared and I'm happy to hear that you found the series inspiring and helpful.

Shortly after wrapping up the current series, I have another theme that I plan to devote some blog space to and I'm thinking this series has the potential to motivate more folks to get into walking/running. Or, I may lose a couple more readers. OR, I may completely bore the hell outta some. Either way, this is one I've actually been putting some thought into and even done a little research to support my point. The upcoming series relates to running and in particular endurance running.

On that note, stay tuned for an announcement regarding my next workshop which will be a running clinic geared towards improving one's technique/form, running economy/efficiency, and more. This workshop will include video analysis of your running form. Details coming soon!

I owe a huge "THANK YOU!" to a couple of folks who gave me checks made out to "Wounded Warrior Project". Another $150 collected and another step closer to the goal of raising $10,000.

Friday #25 -
Mixed greens
Hard boiled egg whites
Raspberry walnut vinaigrette

Saturday #26 -
Romaine lettuce
Grilled Chicken
Black beans
Black olives
Ranch dressing -yup, the full fat stuff too. Sinful, I know!

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