Sunday, July 19, 2009

Check this Out

Hey Chris!

I found a good place in town to recycle all old appliances. From Washers and Dryers to old Laptops/computers/phones/coffee makers....whatever! This place (suppossedly) strips them of all useful parts and uses the metal over as well. It's definitely better than the landfill option. I dropped off stuff today that we have been saving in hopes of not just chucking it in the dump. It seems like the place is really trying to salvage what they can. So I thought it would be a good place to pass on to our community. And since most folks tune into your blogs and e-mails I wondered if you might put the info out there sometime.

Here's the vitals:

Appliance Outlet
2025 E. English Ave
Indianapolis IN 46201

I am hoping this was my best bet. I am also aware of some websites that might steer folks in another direction. The point is to not throw that stuff away anymore!

Here's a great website for folks who are looking to unload old appliances:
E.Scrap Indiana


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