Monday, July 27, 2009

A Sneak Peek...

Later this week, I will begin my next blog series which relates to endurance running. In my mind the human form was designed for running, and in particular, long distance running. With a few exceptions I feel we are all capable to traveling great distances on foot. A look at various tribal cultures proves this point, as does archeology and observation of indigenous peoples.

Unfortunately, many of us in the "civilized" world have lost touch with this innate ability and have instead exchanged it for sitting on our butts as we drive to work, then sitting on our butts all day at work, then sitting on our butts as we MAYBE drive to the gym, then attaching our body to some "exoskeleton" contraption-of-a-cardio-machine for a workout, then more sitting on our butts as we drive home, followed by an evening of sitting on our butts as we watch television. Sound familiar? Maybe it's not you, but you certainly know way too many people that live this life day in and day out - many of them omitting the physical activity part.

I have several personal points I will be sharing in the upcoming series as well as articles I have found and more. For now, I wanted to share the below YouTube video for your consideration. I will warn you, if you have a strong stance against hunting or that sort of thing, don't watch this video. This video is a segment of a documentary. In this scene, you witness what is called the "persistence hunt".



ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

coach Chris - I LOVE this!
During Saturday's Mont Ventoux stage, Bob Roll shared a story from one of the Tour greats (I think it was Jacques Anquetiel, perhaps), relating how only a man could climb the mountains that they climb, push themselves to the limits that they do, beyond that which is possible for self-preservation and survival - any other animal, they would stop due to their innate sense of preservation, knowing precisely at what point one more step up the mountain would put their existence into peril - but a man, he would keep pounding away, for some other purpose - not necessarily even for his own glory, but to do his job for the team (i.e. Andres Kloden's ride on Saturday - and Brad Wiggin's too).


Chris said...

Hey John,

Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the post. Also, thanks for sharing the story that Bobke told during the tour. Awesome perspective and inspirational.