Saturday, December 6, 2008

Race Report Coming Soon

Hey Gang,

Thanks for the emails and text messages sent today and for all the support. I know some of you are anxious to hear how it went, so I'll see if I can get some pictures and a race report up tomorrow.

All I can say is that, for me, it was the single most challenging thing I've ever done. Which is exactly what I signed on for. I didn't finish anywhere near the time I was intending on, yet I did finish and that truly is all I wanted to accomplish. 7 freaking hours! Talk about a long day. I'm certain I would have come closer to my goal of 6 hours, yet I was dealing with a few minor physical challenges, and the great unknown of the route/course, and the unrelenting hills of the first 20 miles. I was near the breaking point a couple times, yet persevered to finish. No Excuses for being painfully slow, heck the winner finished in 3 hours 12 minutes! Project Grad, Corbin Baird finished in 5 hours 35 minutes (believe that's what he said) and had a really good run. I was just slow, but I really don't care and I'll explain why I don't care once I post my report.

Again, thanks for all the well-wishes, prayers, and intentions that you were sending my way.



Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you finished! I know that was your goal and even if the time wasn't what you had "wanted" it's a huge accomplishment. Way to go!!!


Rob Johansen said...

I am so proud of you, Chris.

I really am at a loss for simply blows my mind that you were able to persevere and finish something so distinctively challenging.

I have been thinking of you regularly...from Friday night until now....and am very very glad to know that you finished....and, yes, that you are alright!

You are loved, respected, admired and vital to the people around you.

So much love and good thoughts to you,


Christine Wolfe said...

Chris, congrats on finishing. Your 'No Excuses' attitude rocks ... take it from the chick that finished our one mile test dead last when we started the project. You stuck it out and finished ... that in itself is something to be proud of. Just think .... you've done it once now next year you can go back and break all kind of records!

Jim said...

Chris, congrats on finishing! That is a challenging course in the best of definitely was not friendly that day!!

Chris said...

Hey Guys,

Thank you, a ton, for all the kind words and thoughts! A guy couldn't ask for a more cool or supportive group of friends and students.

I truly felt everyones thoughts and prayers and know that is what carried me to the finish.