Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Confronting Fear

Below is my reply to an email that I received last week. The seeker who wrote the email expressed her concerns over sending in her application. The specific words of her email are not important, so I have left that out. I have answered several other emails and phone calls from others feeling the same way as the one who I responded to in the email. While the specifics are different, the root emotion/feeling is the same - fear. Thus, I address each of you dealing with the hindrance of fear of making the leap of faith and sending in your essay.

May this help you in your decision and empower you to follow your spirit.

Understand that I would never attempt to force or to "sell" someone on the Project, it doesn't work that way. It must be something that you want and that you are willing to let go and/or sacrifice in order to make the change you know you need.



Thank you for writing to me and for being so open and honest. Like you, there are others who have shared their concerns and fears about making the jump and sending in their application. Though the reasons vary, at the root, it's the same - fear. Fear comes in many forms and sometimes it can be a positive force to keep us from being harmed, other times it is not of the Light and can hinder us in finding true happiness, joy and peace. The latter is what you are feeling. Correct?

In large part, the Project helps us to find balance in life, so it becomes a win/win by helping us to be at our best so we can be at our best for others. Thus, it is far from self indulgent, it's actually no different than someone getting free from anything that holds them back in life: addictions, attachments, self-sabotage, overworking, laziness, you name it. Getting free in order to be a better human is a very selfless endeavor, when done correctly.

If I had to guess there are other, underlying feelings and concerns that contribute to your feelings and I'm confident that by participating in the Project, you could get past those feelings as well. Not that this is a "cure all" program, but it really does help us to find peace and balance in all areas of health, fitness, and well-being.

I am confident that should you make the decision to let go of your fears and devote yourself to completing the Project, you will VERY happy you did. Why sit on the sidelines and be a spectator when you can jump into the game?

Great question! Thanks for asking.



Christine Wolfe said...

We all have fears of some sort, we are not perfect. As a project 'graduate' I can attest to the fear. I have not found myself standing in the brightest area of light (yet) but I know I am ready to get there. I have stumbled but Chris and the other project grads are there to help you along. This has been the best group of folks to work with. I might have been the last to make it to the finish line in our opening fitness test but I had one participant come out and walk the last strech with me even though she was finished. The others were at the finish cheering me on. I continue on the path and look forward to the new group and more fellowship. If you are truely ready to do this for yourself, apply and we will be there to help along the way .... you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

From the first round of the project, I also had fears --- in a BIG way -- am I even capable of doing this?; what if I'm a quitter?; what if I "fail"?; what if.....and so on. I actually sent in my application pretty quickly and easily but then freaked out (my husband can attest to that!). But then I realized that if this is affecting me so strongly then it is truly something I need to do. I still have some fears and struggles and much more to do but I know I have made positive changes in my life because of it.