Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!  May your Holidays/Holy-Days be blessed abundantly.

Chris, Jody and Family


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Coach Chris - and may you and yours enjoy a blessed and joyous holy-season as well! A slightly humorous story of holiday perseverance for you: I drove up to Elkhart to pick up my dad last Friday afternoon (they had BIG ice storm up there Thursday night and I drove through the remnants there and back - more than a little treacherous). So, when we got back, my dad got to see Alexa dance at a basketball game, and the next day he saw Ted play basketball and then Saturday evening Tori sang with the Indianapolis Children's Choir at their big holiday show. Busy and fun. Sunday morning, we drive (in two cars) back up to Elkhart to celebrate Christmas with my dad and my aunts and by sister and her family - and this is where the fun starts: We get to the lake house where we are meeting everyone - and no electricity! Which meant no cooking, and no heat! It was BITTER cold as you recall. What's more - no way to get hold of my sister or my two aunts because NONE of them own a cell phone! So they all get there, we figured out how to cook everything we needed to on the gas stove top, stayed bundled up, and it went alright. After all the guests leave, we then drive on into Elkhart to celebrate Christmas with my wife's sisters at one of their house. (On the way, my dad commented, "these are the kinds of Christmas' you remember"). Well, it wasn't quite over. Got to my sister-in-law's, and she had electricity! But, and I'm not making this up - she had no heat...motor on her furnace had went out.
But wait - we'd thought the story was over, when lo and behold, today, Christmas, at the Singleton household, our power was off from 2pm until 4:30 - yep, you got it, RIGHT when we were preparing to receive our last round of guests (well, until New Year's Eve that is). Good news is, not so cold today, and since heat was only off a little while, never really cooled down in the house.

It's been fun, and it's not over! Embracing the moment, every step of the way...


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

First off, Merry Christmas indeed!

I also forgot to catch up: I saw here that you and I had scheduled subbing for the 27th and so I got up and led that class and it was pretty fabulous; we did a lot of fun stuff. See you Tuesday?

Chris said...

Hey Coach John,

LOL. Your Pops got it right, this will be a Christmas you remember and so will your Grandkids; it'll be talked about for years. Kind of like our Christmas in 1998 (hard to believe it was 10 years ago). Anyway, after all the presents are opened, a hearty meal consumed and everyone else settles in for a "long winters nap", 'ol Chris heads out for a trail run. Mind you, it was cold and had been for some time, so the ground is frozen solid. I head down to the creek about 3/4 of a mile away. I get to the bridge, peer over the side and think "what the heck" and decide to jump down to the creek bed to run along the creek. Not thinking about it, I jump and land on what I thought to be sand, yet it was frozen solid making it more like granite than sand. I land hard, slam my left heel then "pow" land on my sit bones and end up flat on my back. Not knowing if I passed out or not, I look up and see blue sky. Run the check list, yup, I can wiggle my toes, "whew". Try to stand and realize I can't stand on my left foot. Being a former EMT, I laced my high top trail shoe as tight as possible for support and control of swelling. No one knew where I was or how long I was planning to be gone. It was getting dark and colder. I started to crawl home, but the frozen ground and wheat stalks were gouging me pretty bad, so I started hopping on one leg. Finally making it home and to the ER. Ended up with a broken heel and a major soreness and compression that took years to sort out. We still laugh and joke about every year.

The up side, as a result, I started practicing Tai Chi and that lead to practicing Yoga!