Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting On Board The "No Excuses" Express...

I just received the below email from one of my students and thought I'd share it here, in hopes that it might inspire you to continue to walk or run outdoors this winter. As a side note, last Monday I did my final long run before next weekends trail marathon. It was around 30 degrees at the start yet felt much colder than that. The sky was dark and gray, and a steady drizzle was falling; it had been raining and sprinkling most of the previous night. About 2.5 hours into the run, it began to rain in earnest for about the next 30 minutes. All-in-all I ran for a total of 4.5 hours and covered around 19 miles. Was it cold? Yup. Was it wet? Very. Was it muddy? Duh! Was it fun and empowering? Heck yes!

In about an hour I'll be heading out for an hour long run. The weather widget on my blog says it's currently 30 degrees and feels like 18! Not to mention the 20mph westerly winds! I can't wait to get out there...

On to the email I just received:
I wanted to let you know that I finally bit the bullet and started my outside running program.

I started out on the morning of Turkey Day and have not looked back. So far, so good.
Mentally, I’m jacked up about it. The weather has not hindered my efforts. In fact, its kind of motivating me in a weird, warped sort of way. And physically, I have not had any trouble putting in 3+ miles at a time. I am VERY pleased that my cardio endurance had not disappeared since I stopped riding the Monon at lunch.

Anyway, I wanted to share and say thanks for the advise, suggestions and motivations.
Another step towards better health!


Way to go, Ron! Right there with ya...

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