Sunday, December 21, 2008

Project: BTWG Application Process

The application process for the Winter 2009 Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap® is officially closed at this time.  

I have received more applications than I have "New Recruit" slots to fill; the decision making is going to be very difficult.  The essays sent in were not only astounding in number they were equally powerful in their message.  Thoughts, feelings, and emotions ran the gamut from passionate and heart-felt to amusing and humorous.  Each applicant was sincere, open, and often brutally honest; just what I asked for!  

Since launching BTWG last summer, the response has been nearly overwhelming and I can truly feel the wave of excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and community that is building around the Project.  Word about BTWG is getting out and not just in Indy.  I've received words of interest and encouragement from all over the country and the Project blog is getting visitors from all over the world!  

One of the things that inspires me most about the blossoming of the Project is that 100% of the growth has happened through word of mouth, blogs, and emails; no other form of marketing has been utilized.  As I've said before, Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap® is truly a "grass roots wellness movement".

If you were on the fence about applying for this round of BTWG, you can breathe a sigh of relief, you stuck it out long enough to use the deadline as an excuse : -)  Not to worry, for you and those who felt "now" was not the appropriate time to enroll, I'll look forward to getting your application for the Summer '09 Project!

All current applicants will receive further instructions in an upcoming email.  

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