Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checking In

I know several of you have dropped in to read about the Tecumseh Trail Marathon and I still don't have anything posted. No Excuses! Here are a few reasons why it will be Friday before I post my pictures and report:
  • Sunday - After investing soooo much time on training over the past few months and being gone the entire day on Saturday, I chose to spend all day Sunday with my family, including my parents who were in town.
  • Monday - My most-awesome wife arranged for me to add to my ever growing tattoo collection. So, I spent several hours in the tattoo chair getting my newest piece from Monte (http://www.montetattoo.com/). This was my 40th birthday present from Jody, and it's exactly what I wanted. And, no, I'm far from being done with getting tattooed. I couldn't be more lucky to have an amazing and supportive wife like Jody. She is cool with me doing crazy stuff like a 7 hour marathon or getting inked up. Thanks, Babe! As a side note, Monte was just listed as Indy's Best Tattoo Artist in "Indianapolis Monthly" magazine (it's in the current issue).
  • Tuesday - Arose early and spent the morning catching up on Project related work and responding to several new applicants. Then, I spent the rest of the day putting up our Christmas lights and teaching a class at Cityoga. Another side note -- it isn't too late to apply to the Project, just know that I've already received over 20 applications! So, if you are still considering sending in your application, git er done!
  • I'm still processing the race and all the lessons/teachings that arose; they were many and, not to be dramatic, it was a life-changing experience for me so I'm still reflecting.

There you have it, no excuses, just where I am. I'm working from home on Friday and will have all the pics and report ready to roll for your reading enjoyment : -) There is a good chance I will have Project related stuff up over the next couple days as well. Until then, hop over to Project Grad Corbin's blog where he posted his thoughts on the Tecumseh Trail Marathon: http://corbinsworldoffun.blogspot.com/



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