Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome New Recruits!

Hey Gang,

I don't know if any of you use comcast as your internet provider, but I do.  If so, is it just me or did they totally change the email system?  At any rate, as I was attempting to email our Project "New Recruits", I successfully deleted the entire New Recruit email list from my address book.  Lord how I love it when that happens.  So, New Recruits, if you are reading this, I will have a couple emails heading your way as soon as I get things sorted out, which will be either late this evening or tomorrow.  

I do want to thank all who attended last nights New Recruit Orientation.  Only one of the initial 35 recruits was unable to attend.  It was pretty amazing to see everyone in person, to meet new friends and to see some familiar faces that I've missed.  Welcome, or Welcome Back, as the case may be!

If you noticed, I said "initial 35 recruits".  Well, turns out, we now have 36!!!  I decided to include one more New Recruit.  Her name is Cindy (I'll check with her before posting her last name) and she will be our lone out-of-towner in this round.  While she lives in Columbus, Indiana, I hope to see her at as many events and gatherings as she can fit in her schedule.  Cindy is a close friend of Pam "The Blam" and attended one of my Urban Adventures years ago, so I am really excited to have her in our group.  Welcome Aboard, Cindy!

I'm away from my desk until later this evening, when I intend to figure out this darn new email system... ugh!

Oh, and another thing New Recruits and Project Grads -- I have 2 pretty cool surprises coming your way soon; I think your gonna love 'em.


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Ian Mertens said...

I'm the other out-of-towner (Fort Wayne)!

I'm actually complemented that you think that a am local. I must be close to your heart!