Thursday, January 8, 2009


While talking to a recent Project Graduate, I realized that I made an error in my previous post. I wrote there is a lone out-of-towner in this round, when in fact we have two. My long time student and friend, Ian Mertens currently resides in Ft. Wayne. Funny, I still feel like he should be living in Indy, so I often forget he recently moved further North. As with Cindy, I am hopeful to see Ian at as many events, classes, meetings and gatherings as possible. Either way, I am confident both Recruits will rock the Project in their own way.


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Christine Wolfe said...

It was really great to meet everyone and see that I recognized some folks from Urban Adventures, the test pilot group and even a husband of a co-worker in addition to meeting some new folks. I met one on one with Chris today and am really stoked to get started! Let's do this! See some of you on Sunday and look forward to the surprises Chris has in store!