Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recruit Testing Rocked!

Man, what a day!  I'm still processing what an amazing experience the recruit fitness testing was... or, is.  I owe a HUUUUUGE shout out to all the Project Grads who turned out, a couple of Grad spouses, new recruits who jumped in to help, as well as recruit friends and spouses.  What a crew.  Everything flowed as I envisioned it would, yet I was/am still blown away at how smooth everything went and how perfect everyone was at their station.  I cannot imagine how things could have gone any better.  

Whether you volunteered for 1/2 hour, 2 hours or the entire 4 hours your presence helped create a seamless flow from start to finish, kinda like one of my yoga classes.  Plus you really put those at ease who were anxious about the testing, or emotional over the results.  I seriously could not have made this happen without you.  Heck, I'd still be there, cross-eyed, trying to finish up evaluations had it not been for all of you.  I owe you, BIG TIME!!!  If you were there for at least 2 hours, your next Urban Adventure is on me!  Just be sure to remind me.  

I received several comments about how "well organized" the event was and how helpful and friendly everyone was.  In fact, are some emails that have already arrived:


Ok, the day I’ve been dreading was not so bad. I was actually comfortable and although a couple of my numbers were shocking, I’m committed to changing them over the next 12 weeks...



"The surprises begin early!  I sorta, kinda, a little bit enjoyed the running this morning....thanks for putting the opportunity out there to remind me to try something I told myself for 20 years that I detested.  

I’m hungry now for all things BTWG...give me more!

Thought the testing ran smoothly this morning....nice folks you have involved- participant and graduates, all of whom were very encouraging.

No need to respond...just a thanks for today and the next 3 months.



And this from Pam "the Blam" who is officially doing the Project this round:
"It was a great morning!  I was so impressed, but not surprised, so many from the first group came to help!"

Since things went so perfectly, I was able to do an hour trail run immediately following the testing.  As an added bonus, I had the good fortune of being accompanied by Project Grad, Carrie Russel and Dave, her husband.  I was having flashbacks of the Tecumseh Trail Marathon, what with all the ice patches and slick trails, yet it was an enjoyable run with great company.  Thanks for joining me, guys!

Well gang, be sure to check in for progress reports, Project news, announcements (I have some good ones comin' soon), and hopefully some new Project blogs hitting the cyberworld very soon.  With this fresh group of Recruits I'm sure there will be lots of smiles and tears over the next few months; there were several at the testing.  The road is gonna be tough for many, yet I also know that those who are willing to move forward, to follow the plan, to show up for the meetings, and being to live with "No Excuses" will experience some amazing transformations in the next 12 weeks and beyond.

Okay, back to work with me.  Lots of training programs to email, some explaining to do and more.


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Rob Johansen said...

It really was a great and moving morning. We are all lucky to be a part of this great thing you have created....