Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Crossfitter in the Family?

After experiencing the impact of the workouts and lifestyle of "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap", and watching the progress I've made with CrossFit, Jody (my wife) has been inspired to start CrossFitting. Over the past several weeks we have started integrating CrossFit workouts a couple times a week into her training. Rather than following the CrossFit web site workouts, I have been programming her training. What can I say, after being Jody's "trainer" for the last 10 years, old habits die hard : )

This evening, I had Jody do a classic CrossFit workout known as "Helen": 3 rounds of 21 Kettlebell Swings (she used the 35lb bell), 12 pull ups (she did these assisted), Run 400 meters.

Jody feeling the Love after "Helen". Good job, Babe!

Earlier today I did my workout, a 10 mile run. I set my own "PR" on this run, though I really wasn't attempting to make this happen. It's probably been a year or so since I've done a 10 miler for time, most of my runs are either way shorter than this or in the 15+ mile range.

After Jody's workout we had one of my FAVORITE meals - fish tacos. I picked up this idea from BTWG graduate, Rad, about 4 years ago. It's evolved over the years, and tonight it was:
  • Talapia - pan fried in olive oil and seasoned with "Old Bay"
  • Corn tortilla - I actually had a couple of these, normally I would forgo the grain, but after today's run, felt I could use the carbs to assist in recovery
  • Purple Cabbage - yum!
  • Avocado
  • Pico de Gaillo
  • A "tartar sauce" of mayo and chili powder
This is a fantastic, fresh meal that is 100% BTWG approved!
Here is a shot of my fish taco, moments before I (mindfully) devoured it!

Give 'em a shot. I know the first time I heard "fish taco", I thought it sounded disgusting, but have fallen head over heels for them. Let me know how it goes.


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