Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toe the Line

In "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" progress and growth comes in many different ways, for some it's losing a certain amount of weight, for others it about finding balance in life. For others it's a natural progression to find yourself toeing the start line of a race: 5K, 1/2 marathon, triathlon, trail race; it happened to me and I couldn't be more happy seeing BTWG Grads signing up for races and giving it their best shot. For most of us BTWG'ers, winning isn't even a consideration, placing in our age group isn't something that crosses our minds, it's about racing within yourself and just doing your personal best. If doing your best means you also happen to place on the podium, sweet! If it doesn't, sweet! Who cares?

If you never sign up for a race, that's great too. I simply encourage it as a form of external motivation, personal expression, self discovery and transformation. Nothing helps to fuel your motivation like an upcoming 5k walk or run. Few things can get you to the core of your being like training for a marathon.

Last weekend, BTWG saw 3 teams of empowered women participate in the Go Girl Triathlon, several of them doing their first ever race and two getting PR's on their 5k run! Each came away with a huge smile and a story to tell. How cool is that. Project Grad, Joe, who spent the morning supporting the ladies at the race, has stepped up and signed up for the Tecumseh Trail Marathon:
"It was a good time yesterday the girls have a lot of team spirit...

Well I signed up for the Tecumseh Marathon. I wasn't sure if i should, but I saw they offered a partial refund if I chickened out and the 17 minute per mile cut off seemed reasonable enough so I did it. I guess I'll see where it goes from here."

Way to go Joe! Sure wish I could join you for this one but I'll be racing in Maryland just a couple weeks before, not sure I'd be recovered enough to finish in the hills of Brown County. You are gonna do great.

And another personal best, this time from Project Grad, Stacy:

"I wanted to share this with you…….Sunday I decided to go out for a run, it was such a beautiful morning! My intention was to do the endurance run I missed out on Friday night due to all of the rain…so I hit the street running and decided I would stay at it for an hour. As I was about 10 minutes in I decided to run to a new landmark and back and just see how long it would take. After 66 minutes I was back at home and hit my cool down pace around the neighborhood. With my protein shake in hand I drove the distance I had just run and realized I had gone 7.6 miles in 66 minutes which averages 8.68 minutes per mile…Holy Cow!!! Who would have thought 8 months ago I would have done this and better yet enjoyed it????? I did nurse my right leg a bit as the distance runs seem to affect it most but otherwise felt great and very relaxed. I know this is no speed record but for me I am thrilled!

Thanks for sharing in my accomplishment as I would not be at this place in my life without your inspiration!"

Awesome job, Stacy! I'm super proud of you!

So how 'bout you? Ready to toe the line of a race or fun walk/run? How 'bout a little race against your personal best like Stacy?

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