Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Shot

For months I've been preaching to my private clients, and now I'm gonna start preaching to you about chucking your running-style shoes during your strength workouts and getting yourself some Chuck's. Unless your strength workout includes running more than a mile at a pop, I suggest working out in a shoe with no heel wedge and little to no support. Options include: old school Converse "All Star" Chuck Taylor's (my personal favorite), Vans or similar "skate" shoe (my second choice), Vibram Five Fingers (also high on my list), or something along these lines. Along with the range of shoes comes a range of price. Jody picked up a pair of Chuck's at Marshall's for $25, Kohl's always has Vans for under $50 where as VFF will set you back around $75.Katie rocking out her new VFF during our workout.

A shoe with cushioning and an elevated heel really screws with being grounded, especially when lifting heavier loads and it throws off your center of mass, thus the workout isn't as effective, isn't as functional, and isn't as safe.Katie doing "Air Squats" in her VFF. In just one session Katie made huge progress in her squat form and really learned how to active her hamstrings in the squat and "stay in her heels"; something we have worked on for a long time, yet never happened while training in conventional running shoes. Way to go Kate!

Next time you need to replace your workout shoes, chuck the running shoe and get some Chuck's!


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