Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indulgence Film

Here's a movie I'd actually enjoy going to the theater and paying the $10 (or whatever it is they charge these days!) Guess I'll have to order this one on video. Enjoy the clip...

The featured ultrarunner, Tony Krupicka, has a "one degree separation", from BTWG. Check out the "comments". Thanks for sharing, Corbin. I knew that and can't believe I failed to mention that in the original post.


Corbin said...

Tony is a great guy. Runs for us and has helped us with product development. He is running Leadville again this weekend and if his training indicates anything he is going to rip it up!!!!!

Chris said...

Duh! I should have mentioned that. In fact, I'll do an edit right now. Thanks for the comment.

See you tomorrow.