Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Gang,

Meet "El Diablo", my Frankenstein version of a 20lb medicine ball. I fashioned this one out of an old basketball, some playground sand, and good ole fashioned duct tape. At 20.8 pounds, this thing is pure evil and, at less than $10, it will do the trick until I invest in a good quality leather beast.

Why "El Diablo"? Just ask my buddy Jeff. Below is a picture of Jeff "resting" after completing today's CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) in my garage gym. Today's WOD is called "Karen" and calls for 150 Wall Ball shots - 20lb medicine ball, 10 foot high target. Like all CrossFit workouts it doesn't sound bad on paper but it left me in a heaping mess on the deck. As for Jeff...

Jeff's been CrossFitting for about 4-6 weeks and is really feeling and seeing the results. Tonight's WOD in the home gym was a real killer. Nice work, Jeff!

Click HERE if you want to see a video of "Karen".

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