Monday, August 17, 2009

If you haven't already done so, please visit the BTWG Main Site at Among other things, I just added a link to the site called, "Upcoming Events". I will keep this page updated with all upcoming Eagle Creek Adventures, Workshops, Races, and other things of interest.

While the site is very much in it's infancy, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

BTWG Eagle Creek Adventure:

Considering next weekends BTWG Eagle Creek Adventure? Check out the images below which were captured at the last BTWG Adventure. This crew experienced some of the basics of working with Russian Kettlebells, a trail run/hike, and some hanging time with friends.

Don't miss next Sunday's Adventure. I'm sure the workout will include throwing some kettlebells around as well as a couple other things I have planned.

All levels and abilities encouraged to attend. I will scale the workout to your current fitness capacity. Be there and help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Some of the gang from the last BTWG Eagle Creek Adventure: Joe, Kelly, Diana, Alison, Matt, and Pam "The Blam"

Demonstrating the "Turkish Get Up" a classic kettlebell movement

Joe and Matt doing some "Synchronized" Windmills. Another classic KB movement. Kick the hips a little more and keep the wrist straight, Matt! Looking good.

Kettlebell cycling? Who knew...

Getting the hang of the KB Swing. This is one of the most effective movements you can do with a KB. Way harder than it looks, especially when swinging a 35lb. (Matt) and a 50lb. (Joe) KB! Lock out the knees and hips, Matt. You are getting it!

Alison practicing her first Turkish Get Up. Lock out the elbow and keep your eyes on the kettlebell, Alison! Great job on your first Get Up!

Nice form Diana - knees and hips locked out on the drive, weight on heels, letting the KB swing in it's natural arch. It's all good. By the way, the folks lying on the ground aren't dying from the hard workout, they are learning the Turkish Get Up - HA!

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