Monday, August 24, 2009

BTWG Eagle Creek Adventure


Thank you so much for having an Eagle Creek Adventure! I had a really wonderful time. I even enjoyed the circuit training activity. It was great to have the bike component this time! Pat was a big help in giving pointers at the exchange to Margaret and Ginger. We were able to ride just over ten miles, so this was a great practice for the triathalon. Cindy said she really enjoyed the trail run and had fun too. It sounds as if all the runners had a great time! Thanks for all that you do for us!

Peace and love,


Here are some shots from the fun we had at yesterday's BTWG Eagle Creek Adventure. "Thanks" to all who attended and helped raise more money for the Wounded Warrior Project!

In case you are wondering "what's with all the hippie/60's references". Pam thought it would be fun to have a "Woodstock" vibe/theme, what with the 40th anniversary last week and all... Get it?


The Crew: Front row, left to right - Joe, Pam, Joyce Margaret.
Standing, left to right - Rick, Ginger, Alison, Matt, Pat (in back), Cindy.

"Calm before the storm", as Pat put it. Warm up and Stretch

Getting into the Circuit: Pam doing sit ups, Margaret getting some "burpees", Matt doing some Wall Balls, or "Tree Ball" in this case, Pat doing the "Farmers Walk"

Joyce doing the "Farmers Walk"

More "Wall Ball/Tree Ball" shots

Loving the Circuit workout, yet?

Push Ups, what's not to love?

Matt's all smiles with the "Dumbbell Thrusters"

Joe with the "Kettlebell Swing", getting fancy with the one arm swing.

Burpees and Sit ups - good times...

The fella's working hard

After all the "fun" of the circuit and the trail run (or bike, as some did), it was time for some yoga/stretching and chilling out. Here, Ginger is doing the "twist". Nice work everyone.

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