Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Perfect" Myth

If you have been reading some of the Project related blogs, you may be wondering what some of the buzz is about which relates to a "Project: Tip of the Day" I sent out yesterday. I had a feeling this one would "strike a chord" with some folks (lame pun intended - you will see what I mean) and I was right.

Here is a rare insight into what goes on behind the scenes with those active in BTWG May this post benefit you as much as it has the Project Recruits.

And you thought the Project was just about working out and eating well...


The "Perfect" Myth

One of the greatest pitfalls we can find in any endeavor is the quest for perfection. And, unfortunately (or actually, fortunately), this striving for perfection can be magnified during the course of BTWG.

Maybe some of you have experienced this clinging for perfection within the Project already. How many times have your chastised yourself for eating something you felt you should not have eaten? How many times have you been disappointed with yourself for missing a workout, or maybe feeling like you should have done a few more reps, more weight, or held that yoga pose for another breath. Or, have you ever felt a sense of shame because the scales didn't go down? These are just examples of our striving for perfection and how we feel when we don't measure up to some standard of perfection or some comparison to something outside of ourselves.

Here is my question to anyone who has felt this way in the course of the Project - where in your training manual does it say "all workouts must be completed to perfection"? Where does it say "you must eat perfectly for the next 12 weeks"? And, where in the manual is the definition of what "perfection" is anyway.

Did I not make it clear that this is NOT about perfection, this is about transformation and real life? Did I not make it clear that no one scores 100% on their workouts and nutrition and if they did, you probably wouldn't want to be around them! If you are feeling as though you are in a prison or confinement, who created that prison you are in? Wouldn't the answer to that be, "you"?

Cut yourself some slack without being a slacker -
There is an story that relates to the spiritual journey, yet it applies here as well and I think it illustrates the point "perfectly" : )

A spiritual aspirant asked the master why his hard efforts had not paid off yet and why he still felt like no real transformation or progress had occurred; why did he continue to feel so much suffering? He complained that though he had dedicated himself to prayer and study and contemplation and arduous hours of aesthetic practices, he still felt no better than before. The master replied that, much like playing a lute (ancient stringed instrument), if you string it too slack, it will not produce music, it will be out of tune. If it is strung too tight, the string will snap and again, no music can be played. Yet, if it is strung just right, one can play the instrument and enjoy beautiful music!

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