Monday, February 23, 2009

BTWG Progress Report - Week 5

Hi Chris –

Fun meeting on Saturday, lots of good cheer and information...

I personally like the more rigorous strength and conditioning workout (Chris note: referring to the "Month 2" workouts) – I felt much more challenged, even a little sore. I was actually a little concerned during week four because I felt that I had lost some muscle tone from when I was working out on the Cybex machines at the Y. But I think the new routines are hitting more muscles and are more intense, and I found myself saying several times after the new, added exercises, “Oh that’s a good one” because I had to struggle to get through it.

Anyhow, things are going well for me – talk with you soon!

Recruit Tom

At 61 years young, Tom is the Projects "Elder Statesman", or "Elder Statesperson", as he put it. While Tom was eating pretty decent and exercising on a regular basis prior to BTWG, he has found wonderful progress since starting the Project. For the first time in his life, Tom is doing yoga and enjoying the benefits of attending Marsha Pappa's classes. Rather than following a pretty "routine" workout routine, he is now mixing things up with the unique Project workouts, interval training, and one of these days we may even get him doing the meditation sessions : ) Along with all the wonderful benefits Tom has experienced, he is also one of our current "Biggest Losers" through week 5, as he has hit the 20 pound mark. That is 20 pounds lost since our initial fitness testing! At Saturday's Project meeting we calculated that equates to a 70,000 calorie deficit over the last 5 weeks! That is 70,000 calories that were incinerated in his workouts or calories that he eliminated from his diet! Way to go Tom! I tell ya, these guys are racking up caloric deficits faster than our national deficit... okay, maybe not that fast.



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Sherri said...

Congrats and great job, Tom!!!!