Sunday, February 15, 2009

One More for the Road

"One More for the Road" - Ahhhh, how that saying holds a very different meaning for me now than it used to...

In this case, "one more for the road" relates to my last post before we get on the road tomorrow morning. At the last minute, we decided to spend an extra day in Delaware and enjoyed another day with the kids.

"One more for the road" also relates to the fact that my alarm is set for.... EARLY... so I can get up and put in one more workout before we hit the road.

Overall, I'm pleased with how well I did with sticking to my Project workouts (recovery week for me too) and my diet. While I did enjoy a couple of small transgressions with my food choices, I know it was nothing too damaging and it was within the parameters of the Project "free food" principle.

Today, I was able to fit in a 1-hour run along a paved trail that wound along the St. John's river and through some small wooded areas (remember my post from several weeks ago, that if you look around you can find these "hidden" trails in just about any community?). The plan is to wake up early, run the path, come back to get everything packed and ready to roll, eat breakfast with the kids and be on the road.

While I have enjoyed the visit, I am ready to get back home and get back to the flow. "Thanks" to all of you who have patiently waited for emails and to those who have sent thoughtful emails and text messages; "thanks" from Jody too.


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