Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here, There, and Yonder

The "Yoga Anatomy" session at Invoke went really well. The students were great and interested in the material (if not, they should get an Oscar for their performance...) and that always makes potentially boring stuff more interesting.

For the Project Recruits, tomorrow marks their first "Recovery Week", which means they will still be active this week, yet they have some down time to recover.

A recovery phase is always an opportune time to observe where we are in our training and our progress, a chance to witness how we feel today, compared to "yesterday", whether that yesterday is literal or figurative. Being mindful of "where am I" today offers insight into whether or not we are content with our life, our health, our fitness, and our well-being.

A recovery week also gives us time to reflect on the previous training phase and review the challenges that came along and how we navigated through them. We can also look at the areas we feel we could have done "better" and the areas where we made progress.

Looking forward provides us with the advantage of putting together a plan in which we acknowledge the foreseeable challenges as well as plotting a course towards our destination. I am reminded of the cliche, "Failing to plan is planning to fail". While there is no "failure" or "success" in BTWG, there is only outcomes it is still crucial to look forward and to have a vision for our health, fitness, and well-being.

Here's to your recovery week, whether you are a Project Recruit, Grad, of one of the regular readers of this blog!

Once I get all the Project Recruits updated and attended to, I will share some progress reports with all of you. Let me tell you, in just three weeks, the changes among this group has been nothing short of amazing.


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Rob Johansen said...

Hey Chris,

I am definitely having a good time with the "here, there and Yonder" theme.

Here today is a 14 mile run. And I am eager to see what I feel like doing on Wednesday (Yonder!)

so sorry we won't be sweatin' it up together again this saturday. But I might try to swing by after your wednesday class to say hey. I was gonna come to that meeting, but I see it has been nixed. But I hopefully can stop by anyway!