Saturday, February 7, 2009

Out for Weekend

Hey Gang,

This weekend, aside from my regular Saturday morning Power Yoga class at Cityoga (which kicks off in about 45 minutes), I am also teaching "Yoga Anatomy" at Invoke. I've had the honor of teaching Anatomy to their 200 hour Yoga Teachers in Training once before and I'm looking forward to this weekends session. The class is all day today and all day tomorrow.

An interesting connection with their YTT teacher - Invoke hosts Teacher Training hosted by YogaWorks, out of California. The YogaWorks instructor who comes to Indy is a woman I went to high school with! She was a year behind me in school and now lives in California teaching classes and workshops for YogaWorks. Small world, eh? Especially if you consider that I went to a very small, rural school in Southern Indiana!

My computer access will be very limited until Sunday night. If you are awaiting an email from me, please sit tight until Sunday or Monday. Thanks!


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