Monday, December 21, 2009

No Excuses = No Excuses

The BTWG motto = "No Excuses!" That means I designed every aspect of BTWG to eliminate all excuses for not living a lifestyle of health, fitness, and well-being. Once you have been introduced to the principles and workouts, there is never again an excuse to be sedentary, overweight, and/or unhealthy. If you are, or if you do, it's a choice, pure and simple.

This time of the year is the peak season for people giving me excuses. Here are the most recent:
  • "With the 'bad' weather I haven't been as active"... Oh really? Humm, that's funny. I live in the same town as you but I haven't missed a single workout due to "bad" weather. I have a list of clients who have yet to bail on their workouts, even their outdoor running on account of the weather.
  • "There have been so many office carry ins, family parties, and (fill in the blank) that I have really strayed from my nutrition program"... Is that right? I, too, have been at several parties, and for the last week Jody have been baking all sorts of cookies and treats and I've been able to stick to my program. Have I enjoyed a few treats along the way? You bet 'cha, but I've actually continued to maintain and lose weight over the past 4 weeks. I guess you atttend different parties than I do, the ones where they actually hold a gun to your head and force you to eat things you don't want and eat more calories than you should.
  • "Its the holidays..." Yeah, and? Using the holidays as an excuse is just that, an excuse. These days we have a holiday about every month, or other special occasion. Use this as your excuse and you will NEVER achieve your wellness goals.
  • "The shorter daylight hours has really made it hard to get my workouts in". See my response to the first example.
You get the idea...

Sure, the sh**ty Indiana winter weather makes it more challenging to get outside to train, yet with a plan and minimal gear, it's no big deal. See my previous post on "Dressing for Success". And, yeah, it is tough to follow your nutritional plan when there are land mines all around you and temptations around every corner. Again, with planning and awareness you can navigate through the holidays with no damage to your well-being.

I get it, it is difficult at times. And I also get it that the holidays only come once a year and we want to enjoy the season, our friends/family and treats. It's all good IF you have a plan, stick to your food intake budget, stay active and take a stand for your health. Have ONE cookie and move on. Enjoy it for what it is; savor it and let it go. You don't need 10 of them just because you only get them once per year! Have your treats on a free day and make sure you earn it by being active and disciplined the rest of the week. The point is to avoid the victim mentality and the excuses that can come this time a year.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. And stay tuned, there are loads more great things coming our way!


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