Thursday, December 17, 2009

More BTWG Race Results and PR's

A couple of our BTWG Crew ran in the recent "Jingle Bell 5K". Vanessa set a PR in the 5K - way to go Vanessa. And Alison had a great race as well. Here are a few words from Alison.

"I wanted to let you know the results from the race. There 75 women between the ages of 45 and 49 who were running the race on Saturday and yours truly came in 12th!! I ran a 9:07 pace which is slower than in years past but not a bad place to start out for the mini marathon training. The fastest woman in our age range was 7:44 pace. I never ran at that fast of a pace ever, but it is something to shoot for. Overall, I am quite pleased with myself.

The interesting thing about road races, older woman are awesome participants. The top two WINNING Female of the race on Saturday were 39 and 38!!! (The top three winning men were all in their 20s). The first OLDER woman (post 20s) to finish was 51 and she came in 159 out of a 1800 plus field with a 7:01 pace. I am telling you, watch out for the middle age woman. She is the one to BEAT!!!!"

Watch out, dudes, the ladies are hot on our heels!

Great job, all...Alison, prior to the race. Photo submitted by Pam the Blam, who crewed for Alison. Was the stairs in the backgroud the first leg of the race? Now that would be cool!

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Cole said...

Thanks Chris for the nice post. It was a great day for sure. Alison