Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indy Mini/CrossFit Training Program


JANUARY 16th – May 8th, 2010

WARNING: This is not your conventional approach to training for the Indy Mini Marathon; if you are looking for the traditional approach, please look elsewhere.

In addition to a weekly written training program, participants will also have access to weekly group workouts, email correspondence with their coach, nutrition advice, pre/post race support tent at the finish line, tech shirt, and more.

Unlike most half marathon group training sessions, we will do far more than just head out for a “long run”. Workouts will vary each week in mode, duration, activity, and location! Group training sessions may include tempo runs, endurance runs, interval sessions, hill workouts, CrossFit workouts, or yoga /stretching sessions. Each workout is guaranteed to take you to the edge of what you are capable of - and beyond. The sessions will help prepare you for the rigors and demands of the race and to do your personal best. While the training and group workouts will be challenging, they will be expertly guided and coached. Each racer will obtain maximal results, yet the training will be scaled to meet their abilities and goals.

Requirements to participate:

· Must be in good physical health, meaning you are not under a physicians care for serious health issues, if you are, your doctors permission will be required before acceptance into the program.

· Depending on your current activity level and health/medical risk factors, your doctors permission to participate may be required

· Access to strength training equipment, including: dumbbells, barbells (Olympic weight set is ideal), jump rope, exercise mat.

· Must currently be capable of walking or running 3 miles

· “No Excuses!” attitude – a willingness to work hard and accept coaching and feedback, then apply what is suggested

What you get in this program:

· Weekly training guide which will include your weekly running schedule as well as CrossFit-based workouts and yoga/stretching sessions

· 45 minute CD with a weekly “Yoga for Runners” session

· Weekly training sessions each Saturday at 10:30a.m. These sessions will vary from week-to-week and may include running, interval training, hill work, CrossFit workouts, weights, kettlebells, calisthenics, yoga/stretching, and more. Location may vary each week; most workouts will take place at Eagle Creek Park or at a designated location in Brownsburg or other Indy location.

· Tech shirt to wear at training sessions and on race day

· Pre/Post race support tent with refreshments and more. Leave your items here prior to the race or stow gear you want at the finish

· Optional: 2-3 workshops offered during the 16 weeks. Attendance of these workshops is optional and there is a separate fee to participate. Dates, locations, and fees to be announced. These workshops will focus on running technique, shoe selection, hydration/nutrition, and other topics pertinent to your race.

· Weekly eNewsletter from Coach Chris with training tips and more

Who is this training for?

· Those with a limited amount of time to train yet want to get the most bang for their training buck (time and energy)

· Those who embrace coaching and excel with team support

· First time half marathoners who want to do more than “just finish” the race; they want to do their personal best!

· Runners interested in a fresh, cutting edge approach to training for a mini marathon and perhaps set a PR at the Indy Mini

What is the cost?

The base level fee for the 16 Week program is $125, which includes everything listed above. Workshops or private coaching fees are separate and will be announced at a later date. Please contact me if the fee is a concern or limiting factor for you.

To apply, simply email Chris and receive further instructions.

Who’s the Coach?

Chris Roche. I have been a personal trainer/coach for over 16 years. With a degree in Exercise Science, I also hold certifications that range from personal training to advanced yoga certs., and a Level I CrossFit Coach certification. I am the founder of “Bridging the Wellness Gap” (www.BridgingTheWellnessGap.com), a 12-Week lifestyle transformation program for optimal health, fitness, and well-being.

Over the years I have worked with athletes of all caliber, yet my favorite clientele are “real people” with real lives and all the challenges that come with having a job, family, and obligations. My satisfaction comes from helping others connect with their “inner athlete” and watching them excel beyond what they envisioned possible.

My current athletic endeavor is competing in Ultra-marathons (races beyond 26.2 miles) with a long term goal of completing a 100 miler within the next 2 years. In conjunction with my racing, I raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to those wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. My long-term goal is to raise $10,000. To learn more, please visit: www.BridgingTheWellnessGap.com and click the link “WWP”.

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