Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming Clean...

Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted on the BTWG blog! In many ways, I just haven't had that much to share and in other ways I've had to prioritize my time and the blog took a bit of a back seat. Also, I felt it a little self serving to post about what's happening on my end and the training for my upcoming Ultramarathon - like I said, just not much to say as of late. I appreciate your continued support and visits to the blog.
This past summer I had an intention of having a laid back Fall, no BTWG, get caught up on some writing for the Project manual, redo the YouTube videos, spend time relaxing, teaching, coaching, quality time with with family and time training for my race. So, what happened to that intention? I currently have the biggest client/student load I've ever had (right at 50!), we are about half way through the "Fall '09" Project, and I'm cultivating a CrossFit-based coaching program out of my home. Whew! And that is really just the tip of the iceberg. So much for a laid-back restful autumn...
The current group of Project Recruits are doing fantastic - after nearly 6 weeks of training, several have lost upwards of 15 pounds and are experiencing transformation in their health, fitness, and well-being. This group has picked things up so quick that it has actually caused me to feel guilty on occasion - come on guys, can't you add a little more drama? Oh wait, didn't I just send out a "Project: Tip of the Day" about that?
A couple things you may not know about:
RCI - "Biggest (Healthiest) Loser" with ProMotion Fitness -
In addition to the current round of BTWG, I'm coaching a group of folks at "RCI", an Indy-based company, through a 12 week program called the "Biggest (Healthiest) Loser", which is modeled after the show on NBC. The program is lead by Wendy Cooper and John Singleton (friends, Cityoga students, and long time supporters of just about every crazy thing I've done in the last 10 years), of ProMotion Training Systems; I've worked part-time and taught classes with ProMotion for the past 10 years. Your's truly is the coach of "Team Yellow" which happens to be the group of folks with the most weight to lose. It's been a great learning experience and real challenge as well. I have a great team and have seen amazing changes, weight loss, and more importantly - self realization and empowerment! Check out their blog
CrossFit in Brownsburg -
Since completing my CrossFit certification last month I've launched a small "underground" program that I am running out of my garage. Initially, I invited a few folks that are my clients, those who live on the West side, and those I thought might be interested in giving it a 5 week trial run. Well, we are now nearing the end of our SECOND 5 week run and things are really booming. We now have 13 members and all are raring to go for another series. In addition I have had to add more classes to the schedule and it looks like I may have to add another soon.
I've kept this on the down-low for several reasons and I'm sharing it at this point to see if any of you who read this blog might be interested in joining us. If so, shoot me an email and we can discuss the program, how it works, when the classes are held and the associated fees. To learn more, check out the blog I started:
Okay, I feel like my conscious is now clean and I'm no longer hiding anything from you : )
More soon...

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