Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Updates/Training Updates

I'm going to post stuff on Twitter as opportunities arise. While you can view them here, you can also view them via twitter.com. My page is www.twitter.com/btwg. Thanks for the interest.

Saturday: Took a day of recovery and a day to see how my body is doing in terms of being rested and healed up. Feel like I'm on track to be ready for next Saturday. Only some minor calf stuff that is still lingering. Otherwise, feeling good.

Sunday: Ran the 5 mile loop at Eagle Creek with some BTWG gals and followed that up with an hour hike with some of the gals from my "Biggest (Healthiest) Loser" team. Okay, guys, where are you? Ran into Project Grad Joe who was out doing his last long training run before his upcoming race - the Tecumseh Trail Marathon. I've been coaching Joe for this race and know he is gonna do great.

No training yesterday, to speak of. Did a short run and a few lower intensity intervals when we arrived in DE. Took our dog, Diesel with me, we both needed the movement and stretching afterwards.

Gonna CrossFit later this afternoon as well as a short interval session. Will run a little tomorrow as well as some yoga. Thursday and Friday will be determined based on how I feel and where I'm at in my recovery...

Be Well,

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