Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow Veteran's out there! Though, I always feel silly saying "Happy Veteran's Day", as it doesn't seem fitting because it sounds too much like "Happy Birthday", or "Happy New Year". Either way, I find it important to recognize our active servicemen and women throughout the year and to honor Veteran's on this special day.

I am fortunate to live next door to two Vietnam veterans - Joe, across the street, served in the Navy and Dave, next door, served in the Army, my father-in-law was in the 82nd Airborne Division back in the 50's and on Veteran's Day, I always make it a point to thank theses guys for serving. If you know a Vet, thank them!

If I may indulge myself a little...
A week from this Saturday (Nov. 21st) I will be participating in the JFK 50, the nations oldest and biggest 50 ultramarathon. Historically, the JFK is a very "military" oriented race as it was started by President Kennedy as a challenge to military officers - to complete 50 miles in under 24 hours (I think the time was actually 20 hours). Several races were held all across the country, however the JFK 50 is the only one that remains. As enlisted men and women learned of the challenge, they wanted in on the action (I mean, come on, who wouldn't, right?!?!). Over the years the race was opened to civilians and now hosts a field of over 1,000 runners, many of whom toe the line year after year and make it to the ranks of the 1000 mile club and beyond! Though the race welcomes military and civilians alike, they do offer a two week window to accept registrations from all active duty, retired, and former military as well as police, which is how yours truly squeaked in; the event quickly sells out and can be tough to get a spot.

For this race, I am again running in honor of the Wounded Warrior Project, a not-for-profit organization that supports the servicemen and servicewomen who are returning from overseas deployments with injuries. Whether it be a gunshot wound, an amputation or burn, or traumatic stress syndrome, the WWP seeks to ensure that those who have been wounded get the treatment they need and deserve as well as provide advocacy services should any of our Hero's run into road blocks during their healing. You can learn more about WWP by going to their web site,, or you can go to my web site, and click the link "WWP" where I have information posted as well as a WWP video.

I have a long term goal of raising $10,000 for the WWP and over the past months many of you have already helped me reach the $1000 mark! I am forever grateful. If you would like to support me in reaching the $10,000 goal all you have to do is click on the WWP logo on the right side of this blog and it will take you to my donation page. Your contributions are tax deductible, yet more importantly you should know that your hard earned dollars will truly be put to good use to help someone in need.

How can you be sure your donation will help?
If you have read this blog over the past few months you read about BTWG Graduate Jan Edwards and that her son Aaron was shot while serving in Iraq. I recently had an email exchange with Jan where she updated me on Aaron's status. He is currently at Camp Pendelton continuing his recovery and is on the mend, though it will be a long road physically and emotionally. Aaron will continue to serve as a U.S. Marine, even with a bullet still lodged in his chest, though he will not be eligible for combat duty which is probably just fine with Jan : ) Here is a little of what Jan shared with me:


Thanks for checking on Aaron, I do appreciate you asking. He is doing great, they have decided to leave the bullet, they say it will become part of his body...

... The Semper FI staff and the Wounded Warriors have been very supportive during all of this. We actually met and heard from someone from both organizations.

Again , Thanks.


Thanks for reading and I'll have more soon...

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