Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JFK 50 Gear List

Here is most of the gear I will be using/taking with me at Saturday's race:

Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin 2. I've had these shoes a couple months and love 'em. While they are a road racing flat, they do offer enough traction for what I'll be facing at the JFK; only about 13-14 miles of the race is actual trail, the rest is crushed limestone on the tow path (26 miles) and the rest is road. If this race offered a drop bag opportunity, I would have worn my New Balance 870's for the trail and switched to the Mizuno's for the tow path and road. With no drop bag and no crew I had to chose the best all around shoe for me and this is it. These shoes are very light, around 8 oz. and offer only minimal cushioning/support which is just want I'm wanting.

Over my shoes I will be wearing a pair of "Dirty Girl Gaiters" (www.dirtygirlgaiters.com). I have a tendency to get all sorts of crap in my shoes (rocks, sand, wood chips, rodents, you name it) and I've found these gaiters to be the best thing on the planet for keeping stuff out. Dirty Girl Gaiters are super light weight and super simple. I don't have an image of the one's I'm wearing; Dylan, my oldest son surprised me and bought me a new pair of "Urban Camo", which is way cool because I've been wanting them for a while and he didn't even know it. Thanks, Dylan, I'll be thinking of you every time I look at my feet.

For socks, I'm double layering to help reduce the risk of blisters and just going with two pair of thin Under Armour socks on each foot. I will also coat my feet, heavily, with "Body Glide" which helps cut down on blisters.

This will be my first race using "compression apparel", in this case I'm using "Skins" brand compression "Half Tights" and "Sox". The training runs I have done in the Skins garments have already made me a believer! I find that they reduce the onset of fatigue and seem to help in overall performance. I don't know that I would recommend them for "everyday" or regular training runs, but I highly recommend them for high intensity sessions and long runs. I'll let you know what I think of them in terms of ultras after Saturday's race. Here is the link to the "Skins" web site: www.skins.net.

I'm wearing my trusting $15 running shorts that I bought at Target about 2 years ago. These things have served me well and I'm sticking with them for this race. I liked them so much I bought 3 pair and just rotate through them for running, CrossFitting, racing or whatever.

Unless there is a change in the weather, from the current forecast, I'll be wearing a long sleeved wicking top with a short sleeved top over it. I'm thinking this will provide the moisture control I need, provide some warmth, yet won't be too hot. We start before sunrise and there is a strong chance that I will still be out there after sunset so it's a little tricky knowing how to dress for the changes in temps. Again, if they offered drop bag service or if I had a crew I would change at different points in the day.

I'll start the day with a pair of light gloves and, if it's cold enough, I will wear a skull cap hat, otherwise I will wear a my baseball style running hat.

Since I'm at the mercy of the foods and fuel provided at the aid station, I've decided to bring my Camelbak. I'm bringing it mainly to carry extra foods and supplies I might want or need throughout the day and will only put minimal fluids in the Camelbak's bladder. The idea is to keep the weight to a minimum and I can refill at various aid stations rather than lugging around 100 oz. of water all day. Anyone who has done an ultra or endurance event can tell you that at certain points having a little treat that you have packed along can really lift your spirits and put a little more pep in your step... at least for a little while. In my pack I plan to bring a couple turkey sandwiches, a couple bars that work for me, blister pads and small amount of tape, and any other small items or gear I think I might need. I prefer to keep things as light as possible and not carry anything unnecessary, however you also need to plan for what you might face without much support.

Well, that about does it for my gear list and what I'll be packing along with me. Of course there are many things I won't be physically carrying with me, yet they will be in my mind and in my heart - I'm sure you know what those things will be and these are the things that will really carry me to the finish line.

I'll post more when I have a chance and post on Twitter when I can.

Be Well,


Shane said...

Good luck!

John S said...

interesting that you have been using the "skins" during your runs. Cyclists typically use compression tights and hosiery after their events, as it aids in recovery.....
I tried on a pair of Mizunos just TODAY! Brilliant minds....
Best of Luck, Coach Chris!!

Chris said...


Thanks, brother. You have inspired me over the past months with your racing and training. I'll do my best and see how the CF/CFE pays off.

I am actually wearing my skins right now, as I'm chillin' out on the couch catching up on some emails, etc. I find them helpful for recovery as well. Research supports that the real compression gear can actually help in endurance performance as well as recovery/healing. In fact, "Skins" brand makes a cycling short and bib with the chamois built in and all!

LOVE the Mizuno's. I'm transitioning into more and more of a minimalist shoe and the Wave Ronin 2 has been a good transition so far. Corbin has some New Balance 205's for me that are a true racing flat that I can't wait to check out!

Thanks for the comments, guys.