Monday, February 7, 2011

The Two "C" words

Hey BTWG'ers and Fans of BTWG!

In case you were not able to attend the group meeting on Saturday, I thought I'd update you a little. Since attendance was low due to the snow, I didn't do much of the talking. Rather, I let the group do most of the talking and to connect on a more personal level.

Here is the highlights of what I did share:

Becky W did a nice job of summing up what was my main point in Saturday's meeting. If you missed the meeting, be sure to read her post: - After reading, ask yourself the question I asked everyone at the meeting - Are you "in" the program, or are you still dabbling or not fully invested? Are you relying in excuses to avoid doing what I am asking you to do. If you are not "all in", why not? Are you still clinging to "your way"? If so, why? Now that we are entering Week 4 of the program, you should be seeing and feeling the great benefits that come with following the plan (at least 90% compliance). Once we have completed 3 weeks on the plan, this is the point you are either seeing and feeling a difference, or not. So, how about you? Are you trusting the process and doing your best or are you still hanging on to old ways and fear?

The two "C" words - "Change", and "Control". Some people embrace change, be it quickly or slowly, however, many people tend to fear change. When Recruits resist change it is most often due to a need to control, which is a fear based reaction. On the one hand, some have a hard time admitting that "their way" isn't working, as if it is a reflection on who they are as a person. Yet, for some the resistance to change is more connected to a need to control and a fear of what may happen if they let go of that control. This is especially common if you have been hurt, wounded, or burned in the past when you didn't have control (against your will), or when you trusted enough to let go of control and something negative happened as a result.

In Spiritual practice, we learn that to have fear that based on past experiences, experiences others have had, or what may happen is "ignorance" or a lack of clarity of the truth. This is is to say that you are missing the truth, missing reality and limiting yourself based off the past, hearsay, or the future. That, my friends, ain't living in the moment and it's a sure fire way to miss opportunities, such as the one right in front of you.

Finally, there are some who have yet to jump in the game simply out of excuses and laziness. If this is the case, just read the back of one of our PR Fitness shirts and follow the directions, "Suck it up, Buttercup!" Remember, you came to me to make a change and you sincerely wanted to be in this program. Well, you ARE here - now it's show time and time to put on our big boy/big girl pants and get down to the work at hand. If you are struggling, TODAY is the day to drop the excuses, make a plan and get busy getting busy! Talk to me or talk to the BTWG Mentors. Talk to your fellow Recruits. You MUST get on board this week - No Excuses. The longer you sit back and watch the train pull out of the station, the harder it's going to be to get on board.

To those of you who are "all in" - reach out and help those who are struggling. Blog about what you are doing and why it is working. Share with all of us your "secrets", you tips and how you are navigating through your own fears and challenges. At the meetings, speak up and help those who need your help.

As always, I'm here to help - just reach out and let me know what you need.

Enjoy your recovery week and get ready for Month 2 to get underway next Monday! I'm proud of everyone in the program, regardless of your Month 1 progress - if you are in the fight, you are still way ahead of most in our society.

Be Well,

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