Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Month 1 Feedback

My "job" is incredibly rewarding in so many ways. I know I'm blessed to be able to do what I love and love what I do. One of the most rewarding things in my line of work is getting feedback from students who are "working the program" and getting great results. Below is an example that totally made my day:

"YIPPEE! still going strong and wow I am confused - never ever thought I would make it this far and loss 10 pounds in 3 week to boot. Not sure why this time I have stay committed to this, I have tried programs before and failed miserably after the first week. Thanks for all of your support. I love the foods I am eating and no longer craving the bad stuff (except maybe an occasional coke here and there would taste wonderful) but I am staying away and feel full and so much better in a short amount of time. Still not getting in as much workout stuff as I would like - but I think that will come once I get the food stuff down. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

"365 of Doing Nothing" Update: Day 39/365. I haven't posted much in a while regarding my 365 challenge. Shawna pointed out that by posting about it too much it could make the whole experience too stressful. Boy, was she right. I love it when the "student becomes the teacher". In the end, posting about it everyday was making the practice less authentic so I decided to simply post an update when it feels appropriate.

To date, I have done "nothing" at least once per day, sometimes twice per day, and have not missed a session. While there are still days when it doesn't happen until way past bedtime, I've stayed consistent and have actually started to enjoy the discipline required to stick to my commitment.

One thing of note - along with my earlier report of my body feeling better as a result of sitting every day, I've also noticed my connection to breathing and mindfulness is strengthening as well. During intense workouts I find myself connecting to my breathing more and the "drama" in the head less. I was amazed at how much I had gotten away from this experience as it used to be a regular experience during training/yoga. Clearly, the training effects of meditation are far reaching and no matter how "experienced" we THINK we are - we still must be diligent in our practice.


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