Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nutrition Drama

For me, one of the most satisfying moments in BTWG is when a New Recruit finally makes the transition away from emotional eating, begins to deal with their feelings/emotions, and loses the drama associated to nutrition. In the past couple weeks, this shift has happened for several of you who are currently in the program, and I tell you, it never loses its appeal with me. Even before a Recruit realizes it has happened, I can always see it in their eyes and body language. There is simply a shift in ones intensity and there is a calmness and peacefulness in their presence that wasn't there before.

I love reading weekly updates from Recruits when they mention they "passed on the bread" at a restaurant, or had no attraction to dessert, both of which were true Achilles Heels pre-BTWG. I love knowing that the drama that used to surround eating a meal is gone and I love it when Recruits can enjoy a treat without guilt and shame associated to it.

Week 3 + is what I call the "after the honeymoon" phase of BTWG. Initially, there is a ton of excitement and enthusiasm (mixed some nervousness), yet by Week 3 that excitement begins to wane as the real work begins. This is also the point where some will have enough excuses to bail on the program, or continue to struggle with getting fully on board. For others, who are working the program, this is where the inner struggles really begin. Why is that? If you have struggled with emotional eating or using exercise in an unhealthy manner (or avoiding it!) and you begin to follow the program as it is outlined, you are removing your "coping mechanisms" that you normally use to deal with your feelings and emotions. Once you take away your coping mechanisms, those inner demons rear their heads and suddenly it feels like you are stressed to the max, crying for no reason, pissed at the world and/or feeling blue. While these feeling are not fun to have, it's actually a very good thing. You are no longer numbing yourself and stuffing down things that need to be addressed, dealt with and moving forward. It's no different than someone who uses alcohol, drugs, or other vices to numb out life and problems. You are finally showing up in life and are in a position to get healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You have awareness and you have an opportunity for change.

The beauty of BTWG is that you have outlets for your new-found emotions. Intense physical exertion is an excellent way to relieve stress and emotions, as is yoga and meditation. You also have a strong support network that includes your fellow Recruits, Project Mentors, and your coach. Essentially, you have all the makings for a successful journey to health, fitness, and well-being. The key is you - you must be willing to confront your dragons and, as one of my teachers used to say, learn to walk your dragons.

I'm seriously proud of anyone who has the courage to walk this path and to make a lifestyle change. Change usually isn't easy, it requires effort and it requires patience. Yet, if you are willing to stick with it, the potential and outcomes can be pretty amazing and lead to the life you envision.

Welcome to Month 2, Recruits!

Be Well,


Mary Beth said...

Okay, NOW I get it. Sheesh. I thought I might be going crazy. The crying at the drop of a hat, yep, the crazy longing for foods I thought I had kicked, yep, the over all exhaustion, yep. Shit, I thought I might be slipping. I was not, am not sure. I will say I have NEVER followed something as closely as BTWG and gotten the EXACT outcome, as written in your blog. My it is good to know I will live, and happier I should add. This is the tough stuff, the "going gets tough, tough get going", not easy stuff. Even my dreams, or I should say "especially" my dreams are in on the action. Whew, breath. Go within. Ahhhh...

Matt Fallin said...

Ironically, this transistion was easier for me the first time, I am really struggling this time. My work situation has been a challenge, but even in my personal life my food and drink choices have not been what they should. I have to drop the Excuses and Crank up my personal accountability.