Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saturday is the Big Day!

This Saturday is the initial fitness testing for the "New Recruits" of the Winter 2011 round of BTWG. Every round of BTWG there are a handful of Recruits that I have never met in person or those I have not seen in a very long time. So it's always exciting to have our fitness testing session and our Orientation meeting where we all put faces to names and have an opportunity to actually talk, live and in person. While I love the "virtual" component of BTWG, where most of our work over the 12 week course is done via emails, you simply can't replace that human touch; that in-person contact and experience.

Virtual training, emails, and blogging has its up side, for sure - we can exchange information, ideas and experiences when it is most "convenient" for our schedule. Often, I will either stay up very late, or wake very early in order to respond to emails. Additionally, I find that students are often more open and share more via emails and blogs than they will in person. Yet it is these in person encounters and our weekly group meetings that make BTWG what it is - a community!

New Recruits - I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and getting underway!

Rest up. Sleep well and be ready to roll tomorrow.

Be Well,

Meditation - Day 6 of 365.
Nothing much to report. Got 'er done, waaaaay too close to mid-night. Sleep and res
t has been a rare commodity around here this week...

Another BTWG'er accepts Chris' challenge throwdown -
Chris Chambers not only accepted my 30 day meditation challenge, he took it a further and embraced the 365 Challenge! Check out his blog: to follow his meditation and BTWG progress.

Way to go, Chris!

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