Monday, January 17, 2011

3, 2, 1... GO!

"3, 2, 1... Go!" This is the countdown I give before each workout begins at PR Fitness. Today marks the start line for the New Recruits of Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap. Their 12 week journey is officially underway. Be sure to visit this blog and check in on their progress and updates. Also, be sure to check out their blogs and the blogs of several of the BTWG Graduates who are blogging as well.

Be sure to also offer your support and encouragement via the "comments" section on the blogs.

Have a great Day 1, Gang - we are officially UNDERWAY!!!

In honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like that song. On short school weeks I'll get out some nonfiction for my kiddos about artists. Bono (U2) is one of the artists they read about. I normally show them the YouTube clip of Bono singing that song at Obama's inaguration, but I like yours too. Love the song. Love its point. Love it! :)