Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meditation: Days 11 - 15

15 days straight of daily meditation practice. Honestly, it's hard to believe that 15 days have already passed. I'm not so sure I like tracking days in this fashion if its going to make it feel like time is going by even faster than it already does.

Days 11-14 were a little rougher than what I've experienced since day 1 of this challenge, though I somewhat expected that to be the case. Tuesday through Thursday of each week are marathon long days for me and I have very little time for anything other than what I already have scheduled in my day. Once bedtime rolls around, like so many of you, I'm ready to crash and rest. Yet, I stuck to my commitment and, once again, dragged my tired butt to the meditation cushion and sat. Though a couple of sessions were a little shorter, I still sat and gave the practice my fullest attention I could muster.

Next week, my intention is to do my meditation practice earlier in the day on my long work days, rather than at night. I'm confident that will be a win/win (if I can use that phrase regarding meditation) in many respects.

Last night (Saturday, Day 15) was a nice long session after a very rewarding week of getting things finalized for BTWG, including a chance to meet the rest of the New Recruits at Friday's Initial Testing and a great "Orientation" session yesterday afternoon at PR Fitness.

Tomorrow is D-Day for the New Recruits - the 12 week journey officially begins. Be sure to check back to this blog on a regular basis, and more important, be sure to visit the Recruit blogs as well as the blogs from previous BTWG Grads. Rob and Sherri have cleared the dust and cobwebs from their blog and have them fired up and running once again.

Alright Recruits - you ready?!?!



Anna said...

Ready as I will ever be!

Anonymous said...

I am ready!!!!

Anonymous said...

chris, i hear you on the days flying by...maybe shifting to a weekly and then monthly update? it's one thing to's another to sit and then have to blog about it :)! Ha!
looking forward to getting this party started!

Carrie W. said...

So ready! I hope everyone has a great first day!