Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tabata Intervals on the Dreadmill and the Forum

Here is a great note from Project Grad, Paul, which he sent after doing the "Tababa Interval" workout that I suggested to the Project: Summer School gang:

"OK- I know that I will be better for it- but what torture chamber guide book did you get this out of? I think that I am getting to be in pretty decent shape compared to my old self and the basic public- but I thought that I would have to call the paramedics after that workout. I thought that I could put it on 8 mph- ha- by the 8th one I was down to 6.2 and almost fell off the back."

See what you are missing out on?

Though, Kelly said she thought they were "a blast"!?!?!? How sick is that?

Yesterday, I was notified that my forum is officially one year old. Happy Birthday, forum! Unfortunately, after the first few weeks of the last Project getting underway, the forum has been silent. I attribute this, in part, to the fact that we also have the Project blogs and folks leave comments for each other, so this provides an avenue to communication. I created the forum as a resource and a place to create more of a sense of community. Let's see if we can get some activity going over there once again. Remember, if you have questions, this is a great place to post them to get some help from Project Grads and your friends. You can also post your challenges and progress and more.

If you were not aware of the forum, just scroll down on this blog to the "Other Sites of Interest" list and click on "Chris' Forum".

Fire it up!


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Kelly said...

I did, it is scary. :)
I mean, I wanted to puke, but I had a blast - crazy ....