Monday, May 4, 2009

Indy Mini

Congrats to eveyone who completed the Indy Mini on Saturday and to those who provided support. A special shout-out to our BTWG Grads who used the Project Principles and workouts to finish strong. Way to go guys! So far I have heard from Cindy, a.k.a. - CB36 who was smiling ear to ear and, rightfully, filled with energy and joy. I also spoke with Joe and received an email from Alison, both finished in just over 2 hours eventhough they had to pick there way through the traffic if slower runners and walkers who were mixed into the crowd.

Here's a little of what Joe had to say:
"As I mentioned at the meeting, due to the hotel construction at the starting line, (the road went from 4 lanes down to 2 lanes)
the coral system (slower runners/walkers starting after faster ones) failed miserably.

The race clock was 32:10 when I crossed the start line . (I did like the 3...2...1... go aspect of that time.) A friend of mine who was in coral W started the race 10 minutes before me and I was in coral K...
So now I wonder If I had not been held up by slower traffic for the first 10 miles would if have burned out and not finished strong? One positive about weaving through slower runners and walkers is that it made me stay focused, in the moment and mindful. I also had to remind myself that it was an unavoidable situation and the people who in my way were not to blame, and they could go as fast as they wanted."

Very cool attitude!

And a few words from Alison:
"The race went really well yesterday from the standpoint that my core and mind remained strong thru out the entire race. I never hit a brick wall. Moving thru Milestones (Like the 5 mile, the track, the last three miles) all just seemed to come to ease and faster (clockwise) than I anticipated. If felt all great. My legs and feet, on the other hand, were hurting quite a bit the last leg of the race. Drag. My overall time was 9:45 pace per mile -- slower than for the 15K but it was hard to maneveau thru the crowds, actually."
Alison: All smiles at the finish. Photo from John Singleton.

Project Grad, Pam the Blam also wanted to give a shout out to everyone:
"I was really honored to be Cindy's support crew this year. I had a great time sending updates to Chris as the BTWG reporter. What a great end to the morning to meet up with all the Bridgers at Au Bon Pain. Thanks to Wendy and John who provided hospitality for me throughout the morning at their ProMotion recovery tent. Congratulations to all BTWG Mini participants!"
Pam, the Blam, hanging at the ProMotion tent. Pam was providing "crewing" duties for Cindy. Speaking from experience, Pam is the best crew around! Love the BTWG hat! Photo from John Singleton

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