Friday, May 8, 2009

Off We Go...

The final preparations have been made, the car is packed, everything is staged, the training is done. Now, it's off for meditation/devotions and a few hours rack time; reveille is at 0400 tomorrow. Race start time is 0700. Estimated time of finish... hummm, now that's a whole other story. If I have a REALLY good day, it will be around 7 hours. If I'm having an okay day, it will be around 7.5 hours. If things aren't going so hot, it will be 8+ hours. I have no concern for where I finish. It's early in the season and this is my first venture into ultra distance running. My only goal is to finish. For me, it's about the journey and the inner/spiritual lessons that come tomorrow. What I can tell you is the only way I won't cross the finish line is if a race official pulls me from the course at gun point, if my body completely shuts down, or if my chief medical crew (Jody, my wife, the RN, aka: "Nurse Jody") says "pack it in, dude. You are done". I'll listen to her, that's about it.

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers; for the text messages sent the last couple days, as well as the emails, voice mails, and even a blog post from Patti!

I'll post a brief summary tomorrow and more when I get a chance.

Thanks, again, gang! I know it's going to be a great day. How can it not when I have so many amazing people backing me and my awesome crew (Jody and Christian) supporting me each step of the way.



jen said...

I hope you had a grand adventure this morning!! (yes it's still morning as I haven't gone to bed yet, 'cause I'm packing to come home- our show closes tomorrow!) Way to go!! I hope you are feeling good- if not a wee bit sore and tired. What a feat! Can't wait to hear about it. I'm so inspired by these great physical challenges you're taking on...
I also can't wait to give you a congratulatory hug next Saturday morning!! Yay you!

ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

Hope it went well, Coach Chris - anxiously awaiting a report. And maybe some photos!!!

Sherri said...

Chris, congrats to you for embracing the challenge and not being married to the outcome! You rock!

Chris said...

Thanks, gang. Enjoy the report on today's post.

Thanks for the love!