Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Few More Things

First, I apologize that I failed to thank a couple other folks that were really important to the DWD adventure: Patrick, for teaching my yoga class - thanks, Dude! And Project Grad and fellow adventurer, Corbin, who was at the start line to show his support for a few of us that he knew in the race. I'm sure you will be toeing the line soon, bro!

Next, last weekend was an "Ultra" weekend in many ways - the race on Saturday, celebrating Mothers Day Saturday evening, spending all day Sunday getting caught up with some work, and Monday my Daughter, Chelsy and her fiance, Cody, tied the knot. So we made a quick trip down to Vincennes to join in the celebration; the big party is this weekend.

For those wondering and emailing, my knee is much better and is only a little cranky going down stairs, but not too bad. Thanks for asking and for your concern. It's all good. In fact, I resumed my training last night and should be fully up to speed on Monday. While my long term goal is in November, earlier today I think I found my next race, which is in August. More soon...


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Rob Johansen said...

Way to go, Chris! In the moment when you decided to stop at mile 18 I am sure it was a hard choice, but it is already paying off. Thanks to a smart choice, you can resume training soon and not have to heal from a potentially serious injury.

I need to store your experience in my mind, in case that happens to me. I bet I won't be as smart as you initially.....