Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year. New Day

Quite a few emails, messages, private conversations, and Facebook posts have come my way from several of the recent BTWG students.  The jest of the news is essentially the same - "I fell off the BTWG Lifestyle wagon during the holidays".  Let's face it, no one truly "falls off", we chose to get off the wagon - either consciously or unconsciously, we slide off, jump off or sabotage our way off the wagon.  Acknowledging this truth is the accountability that is necessary for transformation - accepting responsibility for our actions.  In BTWG we learn that we cannot have a victim mentality if we are to truly transform our lives.  Accepting this truth should not be viewed as anything associated with guilt.  Instead it should be embraced with empowerment and enthusiasm.  You are in charge.  You are in control of your self and your actions. 

Okay, now that I've REALLY made some of you feel like a
slacker, let's talk about another truth - for the recent Grads, this was your FIRST holiday season post-BTWG so to expect that you would navigate the holidays without a few slip ups, or a bunch of slip ups, isn't very realistic.  As we discuss during the BTWG program, it REALLY takes a full year to even get close to dialing in this lifestyle, let alone mastering the path.  You need to experience the holidays.  You need to experience birthdays, vacations, travel, illness, injury, all of it, before you can master this lifestyle.  So you didn't plan well.  So you allowed yourself to break the 90% rule more than a few days during the holidays.  So you totally threw out the Hunger/Satisfied scale.  So you didn't stick to your workout plan.  So you didn't meditate or do yoga to help you deal with the stress, excitement or pressure of the holidays.  So what?  It happens!  This won't be your last holiday season, right?  There are many, many more to come, right?  Take this as a learning experience!  Take accountability, learn from it, and move forward!  Reflect on what went well as well as what didn't go well this season.  Next year do more of the things that went well for you.  Next year do fewer of the things that didn't go well for you.  Have a plan and stick with your plan... a REALISTIC plan!  Perhaps it takes 5 years before you can glide through the holidays with your health, fitness, and well-being in tact.  Isn't that better than beating yourself up and repeating the same poor choices year after year; fighting the same battle over and over or choosing to not fight at all?  I vote "yes". 

As always, feel free to reach out to me or any of the BTWG Mentors for help.  We are always here to help out any way we can.  Also, the next round of BTWG will be starting in February.  Consider joining us as this will help reinforce what you have already learned and deepen your practice and skillfulness for the future.  There will be a discount extended to those who have participated in previous classes!  Dates and details will be officially announced on Monday, January 21st. 

Please let me know if you have testimonials to share about your holiday experience or if you have any questions.   

In Health and Peace,

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