Monday, March 28, 2011

Input from Chris

Below are my "comments" on a blog post from one of the BTWG Recruits. While I encourage everyone to read all the blog posts and comments, as there is a TON of helpful insight, this feedback is something that can be of benefit to all Recruits and BTWG visitors/voyeurs.

You can find the original post and comments here:

"Darn - once again, y'all stole my 'thunder'. I'm super proud to know that you guys are supportive of each other and that you are really starting to 'get it' when it comes to this BTWG Lifestyle.

Just adding my two cents. While we have covered this, in great detail, the past couple weeks at the group meetings, I know you (Amber) have not been at the meetings so it may be new or a good reminder. This applies to everyone and I hope it gets read by all BTWG Recruits:

1) There is no 'success' or 'failure' in BTWG, only outcomes and consequences. No 'good' or 'bad'; that is a judgment you put on yourself. Is it 'good' to waiver back and forth on the diet and workouts? Is it 'bad' to miss the group meetings and support? Is it a 'failure' to avoid meditation?

In reality, it isn't good or bad, success or failure, it just is. The real question is 'are my choices and behaviors in line with my goals and what I want out of my life; my health, fitness, and well-being?' If the answer is 'no' - again, it isn't 'bad' it's just an indication that there is a disconnect between what you say you want and what your actions show. From this you can start to drill down and understand the lack of congruency in your words and actions. Ultimately this leads us to the question of 'why'. Why don't we do what we should be doing? Why do we do so many things we shouldn't be doing? If these things lead us away from our goals and our happiness/peace, then why are we doing them?

Maybe we discover that we have a history of sabotaging ourselves in other aspects of our life, our work, family, relationships, etc. Maybe we realize that we avoid doing positive things for ourselves because of shame a feeling like we don’t deserve it. If so, why?

We have to be willing to continue digging, fighting, working, exploring, surrendering and letting go if we are to get to the root of what holds us back. For some, it may be as simple as really crappy time management skills – get a book, figure it out and get going! For others, we may need to seek counseling to help us understand what is really going on and to help us heal from past hurts and wounds.

2) I've said this A LOT in the past couple weeks of meetings: This isn't 'Weight Watchers' or 'The Biggest Loser' - this program is not about how much weight you can lose in 12 weeks, or how fit you can become in 12 weeks. BTWG is about cultivating a lifestyle of health, fitness and well-being (Body, Mind, and Spirit). The "goal" in the 12 weeks is to create a plan that works and is sustainable. In my opinion, if weight loss is a goal and you don't lose a single pound in the first 10 weeks, but in the 11th week it 'clicks' and you begin to make forward progress and hit your goal weight further down the road, than you is perfect and the outcome has been positive.

Becky W is right – the workouts in the BTWG plan can ALL be done at home with minimal equipment, so if you can’t come to PR Fitness to train, you have everything you need to train at home. What you will miss is the group connection, so do your absolute best to be at the Saturday group meetings. Also, reach out to your fellow Recruits and Mentors and see if anyone wants to hook up for a run or workout; meet for coffee or lunch; hold each other accountable.

Let me know how I can help as well!


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