Monday, March 14, 2011


Scenes from yesterday's Big 10 Hoops 5K. Congrats to all who participated. I REALLY hope to see more and more of you turning out for these events and our group runs, such as yesterday's run at Eagle Creek. All levels are ALWAYS welcome!

Also, congrats to those who toed the line at the Eagle Creek DINO trail race and the indoor triathlon!

I'm looking forward to getting more race reports soon!

Some of the BTWG Gang at Sunday's Big 10 Hoops 5K. Left to Right: Patty's husband (sorry, I've met him once but don't recall his name), Patty C. (BTWG Grad), Cindy (BTWG Grad and current Recruit), Sherri (BTWG Grad and Mentor)

The runners joined by the best darn support crew and hike leader you could ask for - Pam the Blam! She was also the official photographer for the Big 10 Hoops 5K.

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