Sunday, December 26, 2010

Congrats "New Recruits"

The roster of "New Recruits" is (nearly) finalized. Welcome and Congratulations to all who were selected for the Winter 2011 round of BTWG. I say "nearly" finalized as I am opening up additional slots for those who may catch my appearance on Fox 59 Monday morning around 8:45. I am allowing a few days for those who learn about BTWG via the Fox segment to submit an application. From those applications, I will allow a maximum of 5 more participants. Aside from that, we are locked and loaded and ready to roll.

Look for brand new BTWG blogs coming soon from our Recruits - two have already set up their blog and are ready to have them linked up to the BTWG main blog. Way to get busy on your homework! Links coming soon...

Be Well,

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