Monday, June 1, 2009

BTWG "It's a Lifestyle"

Here is another example of why I came up with the BTWG saying, "It's a Lifestyle"...

"Hi Chris!

Well this week, yesterday, my daughter graduated and we had a family celebration at our home. Just a small group as the open house will be at the end of June. Anyway I actually had a glass of wine, tried everything I prepared including an awesome cookie cake and ice cream! I did all of this without guilt and at the end of the day sat down wrote everything I ate in my log, calculated it and came in around my calorie number! Now I can’t say I am proud of all of my choices but I can say that I was comfortable and certainly did not feel like I was “on a diet”…….today I feel fine, the 4 hours of sleep is much more debilitating than yesterdays food choices but all in all I am at peace with the situation. This is big for me!!! This made the day even more special and memorable to know that I can just “be” and my natural instincts will guide me.

Today I will workout, have a planned day of eating and have no regrets; yesterdays indulgences do not sound good today! This defines the lifestyle change I wanted to emerge. I understand it was one day and it can’t be every day but it’s not something I want everyday so it’s all good!!!

Have a great week,


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Cole said...

Yep. This sounds like someone who has the right perspective. I am so relieved to read from someone about ENJOYING an important and joyous occasion with no mean, sinister voice in the background ruining the fun. Thanks for sharing this "on-target" message.